Submit a Meme

What to submit?

Either a meme you created or a meme you found. Either is fine.

How to make a meme?

Go to (or another meme generating website, but this site is very user friendly), sign up for an account (suggested but not requirement), and use stock photos or upload a photo to make a meme (you can use an image you find online or you can make the face or take the picture you want to use).

How to submit a meme?

The easiest way to submit is to post your meme to the “Econmemes” Facebook page.

You can also submit via twitter, send your meme to @economicsmemes

If you do not use facebook or twitter, you can email your meme to me directly: russellengel [at] gmail [dot] com

If you created the meme, say “I created this” and we will note you as the submitter and the creator.

What type of meme should you submit?

Any meme that relates directly or indirectly to the teaching of economics. These can be related to things you would find in the textbook or current events.

Any memes covering politics as it relates to the economy will also be posted as long as the meme is funny.