Sample Assignment 1

Economics Memes Assignment


Keys to the Assignment:

Create memes to help you learn and remember key economic concepts

Make them funny

1-page Write-up explaining your meme and the economics behind it

What is a meme?

A meme is a concept, catchphrase or byword that if catches on will spread from person to person.  Internet memes can be found on countless pages of social network sites like Facebook and Twitter and we believe they can be utilized to help students better understand economic concepts.

Where to see examples?,,

“Econmemes” Facebook page, and

How to make a meme?

Go to (or another meme generating website, but this site is very user friendly), sign up for an account (suggested but not requirement), and use stock photos or upload a photo to make a meme (you can use an image you find online or you can make the face or take the picture you want to use).

Creative process versus just viewing other memes:

Seeing a good meme will help you remember the economics, but creating a meme will really help you remember the topic since you created it yourself.  When thinking about your meme, please look over other memes posted on the site above.  Think about why they are funny or how they get the point across and also make sure that yours is original.

How to submit?

You will be required to submit your meme in at least two ways.  First, you need to post your meme to the “Econmemes” Facebook page (this will be time-stamped and therefore reserves your meme).  Note: if your instructor also has a separate class Facebook page, you may be required to submit it there.  Second, you will turn in your one page write up (with a small version of the meme included) for grading purposes.  You may be required to do this electronically to to prevent any plagiarism…remember originality counts!