Federal Reserve Chair Chuck Norris(1)?

Thanks to Lars Christensen ‏@MaMoMVPY for the idea, Paul Toscano ‏@ToscanoPaul for the joke and Annalyn Kurtz ‏@AnnalynKurtz for the pointer.

(pa)RENT-SEEKING or Kardashian Problems


Live by the Sword

  Thank to Art Carden. I will be posting more of his stuff soon.

Tebow’s Revenge

    After 40 days in the wilderness (really): AP Sources: Tebow Signs 2-Year Deal With Pats

I Know a Girl Who Thinks of Ghosts

    I know a girl who thinks of ghosts She’ll make ya breakfast She’ll make ya toast She don’t use butter She don’t use cheese She don’t use jelly Or any of… Continue reading

Oh Brian *sigh*

Thanks to future student Izzy Malin.

Thanks for Following

  A colleague of mine (David G. Taylor) made this after seeing tweets by @justinwolfers and @jodiecongirl

The (Silk) Road Less Traveled.

This meme is in reference to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Coinbase.com

C for Degree

I am not better than anyone else just because I (used to) play football