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I Know a Girl Who Thinks of Ghosts

    I know a girl who thinks of ghosts She’ll make ya breakfast She’ll make ya toast She don’t use butter She don’t use cheese She don’t use jelly Or any of… Continue reading

Two Types of People in the World? I Don’t Like Either of Them

Thanks to I. Pope

Write This in Your Notebook

Thanks to Amanda Wilsker’s student Logan Wooten  

Imma Let You Finish.

Thanks to Christina Minneci

When the Shift Hits the Fan

Thanks to Lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzieeee and Justina

Use of these Complements Makes Compliments Come Easier

Yes, I’m referring to beer goggles with the title. I’ll be here all week.

What Do You Want it to Be

A little subtle humor with the name of this post. Who is old enough to catch it?

NFL, I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Magic Mike Finally Got Here

Thanks to Gina Defeo  

The More I listen, The Better It Gets

Big Ups to Jason Marx for the idea