Monthly Archive: July, 2012

With Friends Like These….

  Submitted by Krista Jabs Saral (an old “friend” of the creators)

No Discount for You!!!

So a Shortage Then???

Submitted to Economics Memes by Alexandra Jean. When Quantity Supplied is less than Quantity Demanded, a Shortage exists

Wake Me Up When Scarecrow Learns Quantity Demanded

That Rug Really Tied the Room Together, Did it Not?

Katy Perry is Not Impressed by Your Econ Skills

Katy can’t believe that you would forget price changes affect the quantity demanded, they do not move the demand curve.

Literal Croc Can Ruin a Lecture

Well Tom, You Did Have to Give One Up

Smug Tom laughs at Economics, but his opportunity cost of Gisele was Bridget Created and Submitted by Economics Memes

Must Be a Long Bucket List

Created and Submitted by Economics Memes

Forever Alone or Forever a Loan